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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 41: Dealing With A Staunch Character.

Johnny said that after work he’d show me how to j.c. the closet proper. Set me up and teach me how. Because as much as he’s pretending it’s okay, it’s just a closet, it’s driving him mad the mess I made in there—

Oh, all right, I’ll show you a picture. Here:

Oh, what the hell, have three:

But you better appreciate it, because it’s too light in there for flash and too dark without it, so I had to find Johnny’s work light in the basement and run the extension cord to get this g-d picture just so y’all could see how incompetent I am. Happy? (and PS I didn't mean to give that last one a penis, it just came out that way. I didn't even notice it until I took this picture.)

Anyway, so that was the plan. But then…

I got The Beales Of Grey Gardens in the mail.

This is not the original movie, but an hour and a half of cobbled-together footage that was left out of the original and released straight to DVD (I believe) sometime last year. It arrived from Netflix yesterday and the plan was to watch it in chunks each morning while I was on the stairmaster.

Yeah, I watched the first chunk this morning and realized that wasn’t what was gonna happen. So when Johnny got home from work, I told him “You look thirsty, dear. Why don’t you go and have yourself a pint?” And then I had myself a good hard think.

I had to find Prudence a job she could do in front of the TV.

Aha! Remember this?

The last unpacked box, which I found when I emptied out the closet I’ve decided not to joint compound? I was supposed to unpack it one day but never got around to it, shoved it in the spare bedroom when everyone came over for the 4th of July, and then forgot all about it.

Yay! I can drag it into the bedroom and unpack it while I watch the Edies.

I wonder what I’ll find in there? Everything I’ve been missing since we moved in that never turned up anywhere else, I suppose. That Ganeesha Suzanne gave me… The hat I made for Johnny once… The mysterious missing underpants… Maybe even a couple of raccoons and the Marble Faun!

It was full of bedding. A mattress cover, two duvet covers, a lightweight quilt, a heavyweight sleeping bag, one blanket and two really gross old pillows. Dang-ity.

I threw the lightweight quilt in the wash to put on the bed in the spare bedroom, because we (hopefully) have a friend staying over next weekend and the quilt in there is just too heavy for this jungle atmosphere.

I put the pillows back in the box awaiting Johnny’s permission to throw them out. He probably won’t give it, because it’s going to turn out that those were the very first pillows he bought for himself when he was still sleeping at the Y when he first arrived on these fair shores or something. But there’s room in the attic, and keeping the nasty old things around is much better than the fight that will ensue if he finds them in the trash.

Speaking of the attic, that’s where the rest of it wound up. I’m really going to have to clean that mess up someday, too. But not until the jungle clears.

And when I do, if all the little hand towels go missing and you hear John Phillips Sousa music blasting from up there, for god's sake, come and get me!

Day 41: Accomplished.
Time: Fifteen minutes.
Cost: Nothing.
What I Am By Every Latest Thing: Pulverized

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