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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Did We Win?

It was tied when I went to bed. I don't even know if they go into extra innings for an exhibition game, but I know I sure don't.

Not when we're losing to Tennessee.

I dreamed that a neighbor lady (who does not exist) was letting her toddlers come over and play in our yard unsupervised, and when we asked her not to do that she pitched a tent and staged a sit in with the entire neighborhood. They brought dishes and furniture and everything. But I was afraid to call the police because "I didn't want to start something."

Bodes well for my assertiveness in upcoming ventures, what?

The plumber is about half done, we're waiting now on Keyspan to deliver the furnace. Apparently that's the procedure. They won't just deliver the g-d thing, they want you to get your house torn up and the project half finished and then they make you wait a week and then they call the plumber to tell him they're delivering it to your house. So then he calls you and schedules it and then he calls them back to let them know.

Keyspan. It's how we roll.

I'm taking the weekend off from a bunch of Things. I've got family obligations to attend to tomorrow, and today I have to clean my house. There are empty beer bottles threatening to take over my porch.

And I have to strip that goddamn door.

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