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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Two Things:

First of all, I've been feeling guilty because I haven't actually done anything around here to write about since I took the door off (you use a heat gun when it's 95 degrees outside with 74% humidity!) -- but then I remembered:

I said "anything related to the heating project counts as doing something." So all these plumbers actually count! So I've been working hard! And writing about it!

Day whatever plus six or something: Accomplished! Yay me!

And the other thing I've been meaning to explain is this: In the beginning, I said we were going to save up for the heat project and do it when we had the money.

Well, we didn't actually manage to save $6000 in two months. If we could have done that, we would not have had to buy a tear-down like the AssVac, would we? But we had saved some, and we had a couple thousand dollars in an old savings account for emergency someday disasters.

We decided in early July that it made sense to take the money out of savings to get the heat done and over with, then spend the rest of the summer putting the money back. Otherwise, if we waited until we actually saved it all, I was afraid we might risk (ahem) not being able to get somebody here in time.

But in the month and a half we've been chasing plumbers all over Townville (cue Benny Hill music), we managed to put a little more money together. And now, with our new low-low price, it looks like we won't have to tap into savings after all!

Yay us! We might even have some money left over!

Which is a good thing, because when this is over we've got to start saving for the roof...

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