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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Halfway House

Lookit what happened!

This is just down the road from us.

The foundation cracked, and he hired some guys to brace up the house and fix the foundation, but while they were still on the bracing-up part, the house went kee-RACK and fell into the ocean! Guy was standing right there and watched it happen.

(Okay, it's not the ocean, it's the bay, but still... )

Maybe we're not the unluckiest people in the whole entire world.


cuz donna said...

Honey, have you seen the uh... kitchen?

Can you imagine coming home after a few and bolting to the bathroom.... "whoa, whoa, whoa- ahhhhhhh" Splash... (arms doing the backwards windmill....)

Well, it's offcial you do not have the worst luck in the house rehab world! said...

holy crap!!!

Georgetown House said...


Gracie said...

Your new name sounds very Adlaie Stevenson