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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Kid's Out Of The Picture.

Well, maybe not, but he hasn't called yet. He promised he'd call today with a price, so he's running out of time.

In the meantime, we're on to Plumber #11. This guy says he'll do it for $300/day, plus $150/day for his helper (which will be Andy, who we know and trust and everything), plus material. Says it will be done in two days.

Taking materials into account, I'm guessing that sounds like around $3000. Even if you add an extra day for just-in-case, it's still better than Mr. $6000 -- who also said two days.

But #11 hasn't even looked at the job yet, and there's got to be some reason why everybody who looks at the job never comes back or calls again...

Oh yeah and PS -- Plumber # -- um, 7, I think -- is telling us again that he'll be out here tomorrow. Anybody wanna place a bet?

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cuz donna said...

did you ever see "Money Pit?"

'When will it be done?' 2 days.... gafhawwwwww.....