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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Have You Rehabilitated Yourself?

So I was thinking (I've been doing a lot of lying awake at night, lately), and I thought of two things:

1. Plumber #10 (I think from now on I'll call him Kid) did not drive himself here. I didn't realize it until he was leaving, but there was a big scary guy in the drivers seat waiting for him the whole time.

2. He said he hadn't done this kind of job "in a while" but he didn't say why not.

And then of course there is the spiderweb...

I wonder if he's fresh out of prison. I wonder what kind of crime a person could commit that they'd take away his driver's license but let him keep his plumbing one.

Maybe... littering?

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Khurston said...

Hey whatever'll keep ya out of vietnam...