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Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving The Chains

Remember last week? When I said I had too many things to do and something was going to have to give? And I said I had a solution and you should tune in later to find out what it was?

Well, I kind of forgot. Because, as the days went by, the solution receded and didn't seem quite so solutary (solutive? solutional? solutative?). But here we are at Friday again and I remembered!

Are you ready?

For some...


I can get through Things One through Six if I can get sit on the couch and get drunk and eat crap and scream and yell. Now that football season's here, it'll help me cut that kind of behavior down to once a week...

Keep my head down, my shoulder forward, and keep plowing through. And every Friday, then Sunday, and sometimes Monday night, I get a screaming-yelling, bacchanalian reward.

Tonight's exhibition game (Thing Seven) doesn't start till 8:00, so I might even have time after work (Thing One), if I finish writing (Thing Two) to finish heat-gunning that g-d door (Thing Three) and blog about it (Thing Four).

But I'm putting Thing Six off till next week.



Robert said...

Football? Yes!
Patriots? Not so much.

EGE said...

Oh now, Robert. Chargers, is it? Puke!

Well, we're not going to fall out over this or anything, but...

Care to place a little wager regarding the game on 9/16?

Robert said...

Erin, how about if the Chargers win you can write a poem extolling the Chargers? Or, if you prefer to stick to the topic of your blog, our house has any number of "projects" that you might undertake.

If the Pats win, I probably won't be in any condition to fulfill any obligations. However, should such an unlikely event occur, I will then freely admit that the Chargers suck and devote my Sunday fall afternoons to reading your blog.

EGE said...

Um... I choose the poem. BUT, when the Chargers suck, you are going to have to admit the Chargers suck right here in the comments or by email, and I am going to post you saying the Chargers suck on the main part of the blog, and you have to get creative about saying how bad the Chargers suck -- doesn't have to be a poem, but can't just be "Chargers suck."

Deal (Chargers suck)?