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Thursday, August 23, 2007

EGE's Head Is On Straight Now

Okay. I'm sorry. I moved my site and I funked up my feedburner account. Some of y'all were kind enough to resubscribe but I funked that up too.

I thought the internet was broken, but thanks to my good and patient friends over at houseblogs, I realized that the problem was, in fact, me.

Or "I", as my new name would have it.

But this time I really and truly fixed it (there are so many steps to these things!).

So if you're a subscriber-type person, please to try once more. It won't change again, ever ever, I promise. Swear to god. Swear on my new cell phone (and you know how much that means to me).

And if you ain't subscription-service types o' folks, you ain't and nuthin wrong with that. Keep coming back the same ol' way.

I don't care how you gets here so long as you does...

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

My subscription has continued without interruption. And I mean to subscribe too - not like with stupid Rolling Stone who won't cancel my subscription to their useless magazine....(wanders off to rant elsewhere)