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Friday, August 31, 2007

Look At Us

Johnny caught me wearing the shoes.

"Why are you wearing those stupid things?" he said. And then he took a picture of my feet.

But he doesn't understand about the delay in the digital camera, so the picture he took is actually of the bottom of my chair.

I think that might be my left foot there in the shadows -- but that doesn't make me Christy Brown or anything. Who, by the way, Johnny used to know back in the day in Dublin, and who was apparently such a drunken fuck, they used to push him out to the sidewalk in his wheelchair and leave him there when he got too annoying.

I don't know if I've said this yet about the man I love, but he's not big. When I stand up in these shoes, the top of his head comes to about the bottom of my armpit.

He says: "When we go to a wedding or something, when you wear these shoes, what are we gonna look like?"

And I say: "Like a big red-hot mama and the man she loves."

Kidding. Kidding! Jeez...


Georgetown House said...

So YOU need to take a pic of yourself in your hot new shoes.

And just to let you know, every time you post a pic of Hot Dirty Guy I seriously consider switching sides but I think you probably could kick my butt so I'll stay on this side and monogamous and leave him to you.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the shoes.

You should wear them all the time and with everything (except maybe the socks you were talking about :)

Sarah said...

loving the shoes just bought a pair exactly like them reduced from 150 euro to 50 euro(which is about 65dolars).there black and they go with absolutely everything. i was so excited when i bought mine. shoes that hot should be worn all the time