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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Kid's Back In The Picture

He just called -- we were in the yard, so we didn't answer -- but he apologized for calling so late and left a number and said he had a price for us.

So let's call him back and see what it is...

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Gary said...

What exactly is wrong with your sink? At this rate you could have bought a basic plumbing book for $19.99 and some supplies and been half done for less than $300.00. I'm no skilled plumber (trust me) but I know the going rate for a master plumber is around $30 an hour and I don't know of many jobs that take 20 hours unless it involves a re-plumbing of the entire house. A sewer line replacement will cost you $3000 but much of that is sucked up in equipment rental. Cost of materials is generally one third the cost of labor. What is so wrong that a plumber doesn't want to do the job? You might find that it is too small and they don't want to be bothered.