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Friday, August 31, 2007

One Good Thing About The AssVac

It's a craftsman bungalow, which means it knows how to play the weather against all comers.

It can be sad to never have an ounce of sunlight in your house except for those so-called "pools of light" -- which are more like puddles, really. Dried-up puddles with worms dying in them in the driveway. But I digress...

When it's 95 degrees outside, and inside -- without air conditioning -- it's 84? Well, then you want to kiss those dried-up worms.

It's not 95 outside today. I've been meaning to say this sort of thing for a while, but the reason I finally thought of it is that it's 75 today, but was still 84 in here until I put the big fan in the window. About an hour ago. It's 75 in here now. Which brings me to my next point.

Even with the crap-ass insulation we have, this sucker knows how to hold the heat. Now granted, we're not talking about insulation keeping these particular 10 degrees hanging around (I don't know what insulation does when it's 75), but once it's warm, it stays that way.

(The fact that it's been costing us $500 a month to heat the place has more to do with the fact that the boiler was brimming with blackstrap molasses. At least that's what I'm telling myself, now that we have a brand new furnace. In the kitchen.)

Anyway, I do so much bitching about Bertha the AssVac. I just figured, since I was thinking good thoughts, that I'd share.

P.S. I'm wearing the shoes. With blue jeans. And cotton socks. I am a red-hot mama.


jen said...

cotton socks!
~love those shoes~

George said...

but are you from Louisiana?

EGE said...

Yes, I am.

But ahhh, the name is BOOTSY baby!

Boot-George-To-The-Head said...

darn, wiki failed me :(