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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Speaking of McCracken...

Plumber #8 never did return our phone call.

Plumber #9 never showed up. The one Johnny went to meet at the pub last night. But at least he called to say he got hung up, so he gets another chance. I think they're going to try again tonight.

And when we got home there was a message from plumber #7, wanting to come over last night instead of the night he didn't show up last week. I'm not sure I'll hire a guy who doesn't show up the first time and then expects us to accomodate him at the last minute on the second go-round, but what the hell. Johnny called him back and said to come on over. At least we could get an idea of a price.

Never showed.

But at least we know he isn't dead. Or at least wasn't dead, as of 6:00 last night. Which I guess is still a good thing...

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