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Friday, August 17, 2007

Take the Gum, Leave the Tahini

Um... I didn't strip the door.

But I have an excuse! And it's a good one, too!

Okay, maybe not a good one. But it's valid, anyway...

(I don't have much time, so bear with me on the typos and the barely-english)

My Lady, a few days ago, told me that she had something she wanted to give me. A pot of hoo-moos-tahini (as she said), that she had bought but tasted and didn't like. It was too garlicky for her, and if I wanted it I should bring it home.

Sure! I like hoo-moos-tahini! So I put it in my bag.

And, um, forgot about it.

Did I mention this was a couple days ago?

So this afternoon I was doing dishes in the sink and there were a few empty hoo-moos tubs in there (because Johnny loves the stuff, which is why I took hers in the first place, and he also can not throw away a usable container) and suddenly I remembered the hoo-moos in my bag.

Quick! Get it out and throw it in the trash! Before Johnny sees it and decides that it's still edible!

Except, when I found it, it looked like this:

There was hoo-moos all over my shoulder bag. Which is not a fancy bag, but I love it. My folks gave it to me for Christmas last year, and I don't think it really is, but it looks like an old Albanian Army bag (which I guess I haven't mentioned yet, but I'm Albanian).

So I pulled out the tub and emptied all the pockets whilst dodging splots of splotting hoo-moos on the floor. There was gum and tampons and allergy pills and pens (more pens, I'm happy to report, than I found in my bedside table), a book and a notebook and a GQ and a Bible (don't ask). And then I rinsed the whole thing in the sink.

See, I love this bag so mujch that I'm shy of washing it in the machine. It's needed it for a while, but I don't want to do it. Or get in the habit of doing it, anyway. I want it to last forever. And, as we all know from our favorite pairs of Levi's: they lst longer if you don't wash them all that much.

But the rinse in the sink didn't do it, so I tossed it in the wash.

And I wish I had a report for you on how the thing turned out, but look what time it is! I've got to change my clothes and get my game on!

Ahhh, that's better...

I'll report tomorrow on the Illyrie bag. And maybe then I'll also strip some paint

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jen said...

see? If I'd read this, I'd have known you were Albanian. Still, Says New Zealand to me. I know my kiwis.
I have an Iranian Salt bag you can have. Heavier than SHIT!
This is what I like to do...comment on archives. You lucky duck!